Step 1: Make sure you meet the IRCC Federal Eligibility Requirements

Step 2: Find full-time permanent employment in the West Kootenay region.

Please note the West Kootenay RNIP will not assist candidates with their job search.

One of the requirements is that you have a job offer from an eligible employer in the West Kootenay region.

Step 3: Check to see if you are eligible based on the Community Criteria

The Community Recommendation Committee will be assessing candidates’ ties to the community to ensure you and your family are prepared to reside in the West Kootenay region after you receive your permanent residency. Please communicate with us prior to applying to the pilot, so we can verify all your eligibility and assess your job offer.

Step 4: Ready to apply?

Follow Steps # 1-4 on the Applicants tab and submit complete application to the community.

Step 5: Your application will be reviewed by the Community Recommendation Committee.

Your application will be reviewed by the Community Recommendation Committee to assess against Community Recommendation Criteria.

Step 6: Community Recommendation Committee Results

If it is determined that you meet the requirements of RNIP, you will be given a recommendation letter from the Community Recommendation Committee via e-mail.

Our pilot partners with The Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (CBAL) for settlement services provided to newcomers in the West Kootenays. When a candidate receives a RNIP recommendation, their contact information is shared with CBAL so that they can offer any services and information to the newcomer in the region (once they arrive or pre-landing).

Step 8: Apply directly to IRCC for your Permanent Residency

Using the recommendation letter, you can apply directly to IRCC for your Permanent Residency.

Step 9: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Assesses your Permanent Residence Application

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will:

  • review your application to make sure it’s complete
  • decide if you’re eligible to apply to become a permanent resident of Canada
  • tell you when they start processing your application,
  • request additional information if necessary
  • do a security screening to make sure all applicants don’t pose a risk to the safety and security of Canadians
  • tell you of the decision they make on your application

If you have applied for permanent residence to IRCC you may also be eligible for a 1 year work permit. The permit lets you work while your permanent residence application is being processed.


  • Applications eligible for community recommendation will be retained for 2 months.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Community Recommendation Committee on a monthly basis.

Here is a complete application guide from IRCC : Application for the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

Other points to consider:

  • Due to the high volume of expressions of interest, we will not be able to answer all inquiries.
  • The West Kootenay RNIP is not affiliated with any Immigration Representative, nor do we give preferential treatment to applicants who have hired an Immigration Representative. However, if you do choose to have your paperwork completed by an Immigration Representative, please refer HERE for information on making an informed choice.
  • For other paths to immigration, click HERE.
Please note applications WILL NOT be considered if they are incomplete and do not meet minimum qualifications:
  • A job offer from a West Kootenay Employer
  • English or French language credentials
  • Educational credential requirements