Qualifying jobs

Employment opportunities must qualify for the Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot in the West Kootenay region.  Please refer to the Federal Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot site for information on genuine job offers, required work experience and international students information.

Candidates can use these job search websites to search for regional jobs:

How to apply

Interested job seekers must apply directly to employers following the instructions outlined in the job advertisement.  The West Kootenay Rural and Norther Immigration Pilot does not provide job matching services. Do not send resumes or cover letters to the West Kootenay Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.  Employers will not be accepting inquiries from third parties (e.g., immigration consultants) regarding job applications.

Next Steps

Securing employment or a job offer does not guarantee a community recommendation or permanent residence through the West Kootenay Rural & Northern Immigration Pilot.  Once you have received a qualifying job offer with an eligible employer, you will be authorized to apply for a community recommendation.